Adding Volume to Your Hair: 5 Ways to Do It

Very few things in life look more impressive than a head full of healthy hair, but even the most genetically gifted people need some help with that every once in a while. So, if your hair has been looking a bit thinner lately or if you would just like to add a bit more volume to your hair, here are five tips that should come in handy.


Back-brushing needs to be done just right because if you use a fine-toothed comb, hair-damaging tangles will be an inevitable side-effect. To avoid that, simply use a large paddle-brush to back-brush the roots, after you have pinned up the top-most layer. Three quick, downward strokes at the roots on each section of your hair separately will give you the volume you want. Use some hair spray on the sections you just back-brushed to make the volumizing effect last longer.

Volumizing Shampoo

The term itself is kind of self-explanatory really, but you will still need to buy a high-quality volumizing shampoo to make sure that the product is actually capable of doing what it claims it can. While using a volumizing shampoo, try not to use too much conditioner and do your best to keep it as far away from the scalp as possible.

The Up-Side Down Blow Dry

This is probably the easiest and the most effective technique when it comes to adding instant volume to your hair; simply flip your hair upside down by lowering your head and blow dry. Add some finishing touches with a round brush. You can even use a flat iron to straighten the ends if you want.

Hot Rollers

Hot rollers are effective, easy to use and once you are done putting them in your hair, you can go about with your business as usual. Just take them out after about half-an-hour and you will have the volume you need. As always, add hairspray to each of the sections you roll to make the volume last throughout the day. It is recommended that you roll your hair out, rather than in, unless you decide to intentionally go for a vintage look of course.


You may or may not be a fan of the crimped hairstyle, but that should not stop you from strategically crimping your roots to add volume. When you crimp your roots, the hair stands out from the scalp, thus adding volume to your hair. However, be sure to only crimp the roots of your bottom-most layers and not the upper layers. As long as the top layers remain uncrimped, the underlying crimped roots won’t show, but your hair will look a lot fuller than before.

In order to know which method works best for you, just try them all out until you find the best one. The only exception to this rule would be the use of a volumizing shampoo because this can be used with any of the methods mentioned here to amplify the effects.