Guide on Eye Serum vs Eye Cream — Which is Better

EyeSerum vs Eye Cream

People who have dark eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes are often shopping around for eye creams that can effectively reduce these blemishes. There are two solutions for addressing blemishes that occur around the eyes including eye serum and eye cream. Both eye serum and eye cream seem to be the same thing but there are actually some differences in between them.

What is Eye Cream?

Eye cream is thicker and it is applied by rubbing it on the skin surface around the eyes. The downside of eye cream is that it can cause excess cream on the skin when it is not rubbed properly. Sometimes, it is hard to rub all the cream to make them dissolve in the skin completely. The excess cream left on the skin can make the eye bags look white and become more prominent to others. The cream may not easily absorbed into the skin and deposited inside the eye bags. This is the reason why many cosmetic surgeons frequently found excess eye creams in the eye bags. Rubbing the eye cream on the skin can also result in stretching of the skin so that more wrinkles and fine lines developed.

What is Eye Serum?

The best eye cream is actually a serum. Eye serum tends to be in a watery form and it is administered through an eye dropper.Because eye serum is in liquid form, it can easily absorb into the skin without leaving clumps of residue. It can acts as a goodeye makeup base by providing a smooth surface around the eyes. It is non greasy and can provide a skin surface without oil for application of makeup. You can apply the serum on the areas near to the eyes for example eye lids. The fast absorption prevents it from drifting it into the eyes.

Eye serum can prevent skin damages that occur as a result of free radicals. It is a good substitute to Botox treatment as it has zero recovery time and produces no side effects. Each bottle of serum usually can last for 2 months. The syringe makes it easy for you to dispense only the exact amount of serum you need so that there won’t be any unnecessary waste. Eye serum is recommended for anyone that is in their middle twenties. It should be applied at least 2 times per day in order to achieve optimal result.

How Does the Ingredients in a Serum Helps in Reducing Aging?

It is important to check the ingredient labels of the serum prior to making a purchase. You should check and see if it contains ingredients like Argireline. Argireline can tone up the muscles around the eyes so that they won’t have a sagging appearance. With no more sagging, the fine lines will be smoothed out on their own. Argireline offers the same effects as Botox treatment. It prevents you from having to undergo any injection in order to remove the blemishes around your eyes. The eye serum that you want to buy should contains at least 5 – 10% of Argireline concentration otherwise it won’t be effective.

Besides, the eye serum should contains peptides which is useful for enhancing the production of collagen to slow down aging. Collagen works like antioxidant and it can significantly reduce all signs of fine lines and wrinkles. Haloxyl is a type of peptide that has the ability to drain off the fluid that causes the puffiness in the eye bag. Haloxyl can improve your blood circulation by increasing the lymphatic drainage. Haloxyl is able to remove the pigmented blood that occur in the dark eye circles.

Another type of peptide is Matrixyl 3000 that can enhance the skin elasticity by enhancing collagen production. Research has shown that it can eliminate half of the wrinkles on your face in just 2 months if you consistently apply it. SYN-Coll peptide can stimulate the body to produce more collagen. It has been proven to significantly reduce wrinkles and other skin blemishes in 3 months. SNAP-8 is an elongated form of Argireline and has the ability to prevent the appearance of new wrinkles. Eyeliss contains a combination of 3 types of peptide molecules. It works together with Haloxyl to effectively reduce eye puffiness by 70%.

The seaweed extract in the eye serum ensures that the collagen in the skin is being preserved. It maintains hydration on the skin so that it does not look dry. Another important ingredient in eye serum is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid can provide hydration on the skin so that it has a smoother texture. It can remove all aging symptoms around the eyes caused by too much stress or exposure to the sun.