Why Are Some Cosmetics So Incredibly Expensive?

Every single person in the world eventually buys a highly expensive beauty product. It is impossible not to do so because you surely want to see what the hype is all about. Also, there are different ways in which you are introduced to these expensive cosmetics. As an example, when you go to a beauty store you might be offered a free makeover. The artist that makes you look better is using specific products. In most cases the most expensive ones are actually used.

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Research shows us that most women end up spending around $220 per year on their beauty products. This is actually a totally conservative estimate. Premium products are very expensive so a woman that just buys such cosmetics can pay a lot more than $220.

What you are told with the expensive cosmetics is that the ingredients used are much better and that overall quality is higher. What you are not told is that only around 15% of what you pay will go towards those higher quality ingredients. All the rest is spent on the appeal factor. This means on how the product looks and on marketing. Whenever thinking about expensive cosmetics, there is no connection between quality and how much you pay.

Really expensive cosmetics have such a high price since they have to be marked up with thinks like marketing, great packaging and the actual prestige of the brand. Lipstick, for instance, is mostly made out of pigments, wax and oil. However, it will cost over $20 when marketed as higher quality or as better than others.

The location where makeup is being sold will also cost money. Exorbitant rent has to be factored right into final price tags. Display areas in higher-end department stores that have bright lights, mirrors and the over-friendly assistants all cost money. The store needs to pay for the display so it needs to get more profit from the products sold.

Basically, the most important thing to remember about cosmetics in general is that many budget-friendly products are simply as high performing as the counterparts that are premium-priced. Research actually proved this. The shopper is simply buying into brand prestige. Cosmetic brands actually rage over $57 billion per year at the moment. Growth is projected. Ingredient prices did not change but prices did go up. People are simply much more willing to pay more for brand-name cosmetics right now.

To sum up, whenever talking about cosmetics, you should never believe that something is better just because it costs more. The huge difference between brand names and high-street is the price people are willing to pay. If someone is willing to pay $50 for a lipstick, there will be stores that will sell $50 lipstick.